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Birdwatching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity or citizen science.   It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, by listening for bird sounds, or by watching public webcams.
Birdwatching often involves a significant auditory component, as many bird species are more easily detected and identified by ear than by eye.   Most birdwatchers pursue this activity for recreational or social reasons, unlike ornithologists, who engage in the study of birds using formal scientific methods. (Wikipedia)

American Bird Conservancy
Where 20+ years of bold action, focus on results, and partnership are bringing back the birds across the Western Hemisphere. Our mission is clear: to conserve native birds and their habitats across the Americas. In doing so, we benefit not only American birds but all other species as well.
American Birding Association
Membership in the ABA will take you further along your own personal birding journey. Our publications, web resources, and events have much to offer anyone with an active interest in birding, whether you like to stay close to home, or to wander the globe, or a bit of both.
Armand Bayou Nature Center
As you explore the Discovery Loop boardwalk you may catch a glimpse of an armadillo or any number of other critters who inhabit the forest and marshes along the trail.  We also have live animal displays, a bison viewing platform, and John P. McGovern Children's Discovery Area.  Your family will be transported back to pioneer times with a visit to our 1800's Farm Site.
Bayou City Waterkeeper
In Texas, we depend on water. Across the state, we live with a complex network of waters that connects our communities - ranging from our 80,000 miles of bayous, rivers and streams to our countless acres of wetlands.
Baytown Nature Center
Baytown Nature Center, located at 6213 Bayway Drive, is a 500-acre peninsula surrounded by Burnet, Crystal and Scott Bays.   It consists of hardwood uplands, high quality tidal marsh, and freshwater wetlands.   This unique site is listed on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail, providing habitat for 317 species of resident and neo-tropical migrant birds.   The American Bird Conservancy designated BNC as a nationally important bird area.   The nature center hosts a monthly Audubon Bird Survey in partnership with Houston Audubon.   But this recreated wetland isn't just for the birds. Numerous other animals also call the nature center home.   In addition, it's an important nursery area for a variety of aquatic species, including shrimp, crab and fish.
Beaumont: Real Texas Birding
If you're an avid birder, or simply a beginner looking to get started, you've come to the right place! Beaumont, Texas is located near the Gulf of Mexico, known for its globally unique ecosystem with a diversity of habitats, fish and wildlife.  Gulf habitats are essential to the annual cycles of many species of breeding, wintering and migrating waterfowl, wading birds, shorebirds and songbirds. .  In addition, Beaumont is bordered by the Pineywoods of East Texas where over 350 species of birds are spotted annually.
Beginner’s Guide to Bird Watching Around Your Home
People of virtually any age can participate in the hobby of bird-watching. Children often have an innate curiosity about animals, so they delight in observing birds in their natural habitats. Because bird-watching does not require extensive activity, even the elderly can enjoy this pastime. Home remodeling may be an option for avid bird watchers in natural habitats, but is certainly not necessary to observe birds from your windows. With bird feeders placed at strategic places in the backyard, it is not even necessary to leave the home to watch birds.
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park is the most bio-diverse park in the entire system. Within its boundaries, one finds more species of butterflies, bats, reptiles, plants, ants and birds. Over 450 avian species either live in Big Bend National Park, or migrate through at some point in the year. The variety of habitat with desert mountain and river makes for ideal conditions for a truly remarkable diversity.
Bird Barrier
Proper identification is very important as certain products are species-specific.   Never underestimate the commitment of pest birds to return to their home.
Bird City Texas
Audubon Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are pleased to announce the Bird City Texas certification program.   Bird City Texas recognizes and encourages effective and impactful native bird conservation where people live, work, and recreate.
BirdForum is the net's largest birding community, dedicated to wild birds and birding, and is absolutely FREE! You are most welcome to register for an account, which allows you to take part in lively discussions in the forum, post your pictures in the gallery and more.
Birding By Bus
Join Marc & Eliana's epic road quest from Florida to Alaska in 2018 as they traverse the wild spaces of North America in search of birds, nature, and adventure. Throw in a wedding and a trip to Attu and you’ve got the journey of a lifetime!
Birding Community E-Bulletin
The Birding Community E-Bulletin is an email newsletter concerning birds, birding and bird conservation.   Coedited by Paul Bausch and Wayne Petersen, the newsletter is distributed by email at the start of each month and is intended to keep friends and associates abreast of important bird, birding and bird conservation news.
Birding for Fun
Kristine Rivers loves sharing her passion for nature and wildlife with others, and founded Birding for Fun in 2015 to provide educational services, field trips and guided tours, and offer select products to the public. She is available for speaking engagements for your organization, and can develop workshops and field trips or guided tours specific to your needs.
Birding High Island
Tropical Birding Tours provides free guides to the Houston Audubon Society over the spring birding season at High Island Texas. Weather private groups or organized tours from other companies, we disseminate the information so that everyone who visits High Island, Bolivar Peninsula and Anahuac NWR get the very most this amazing place has to offer.
Birding in Texas
Audubon Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are pleased to announce the Bird City Texas certification program. Bird City Texas recognizes and encourages effective and impactful native bird conservation where people live, work, and recreate. From urban centers to rural towns, each community can provide important habitat for birds, and certified communities will receive recognition and community benefits as a result of these efforts. Where birds thrive, people prosper.
Birds and Blooms
Any birder will tell you that there's fun to be had spotting birds outside your yard.   Whether you're traveling to a nearby park or a faraway destination - we're sharing our favorite birding hot spots and birding locations.

Birds of Prey School Program
Every year during March and April, EarthQuest brings the Birds of Prey program to Brazoria County for Migration Celebration.   During the weeks preceding Migration Celebration, EarthQuest's wildlife handlers present Birds of Prey programs in more than 30 schools in the Alvin, Angleton, Bay City, Brazosport, Columbia-Brazoria, Damon, Danbury, Sweeny, and Van Vleck School Districts, reaching a total audience of over 15,000 students and teachers.
Birdside Apps
We here at BirdsEye are fanatics for supporting citizen science projects. Our goal is to advance projects that we think have got it right– projects that are collecting great and usable data, are helping interested volunteers contribute their sightings, and moving the ball forward in conserving species.
Birdwatching (hobby)
Birdwatching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity or citizen science.   It can be done with the naked eye, through a visual enhancement device like binoculars and telescopes, by listening for bird sounds, or by watching public webcams.

Birdwatching (news)
News and commentary about the varied ways that people watch birds, as well as stories about bird art and films. Plus, summaries of the latest issues of BirdWatching magazine.

Birdwatching (store)
In the Birdwatching Dot Com store, we offer bird feeders, bird baths, and bird houses. These are things to transform your backyard into an oasis of wildlife for you to enjoy. You'll find squirrel-proof feeders, hummingbird feeders, and various artistic feeders. Get a birdhouse for your wrens, or attract purple martins with purple martin gourds and houses. We have birding DVDs and audio CDs, birding software, binoculars, scopes, and tripods for every need and every budget.
Brazoria County Parks Department
From miles of sandy beaches, pristine bays and bayous, to bottomland hardwood forests, come experience the diverse and beautiful landscapes that Brazoria County has to offer.   There's great fishing, camping, paddling, and birding - all of which you can find within Brazoria County Parks.
Brazos Bend State Park
Nature has top billing at this park.   Be sure to bring your walking shoes, binoculars and camera.   Besides marveling at nature, you can also hike and bike, fish, picnic, geocache, ride your horse, and stay over­night.   Reserve one of our picnic pavilions or our group hall for your next group gathering.   Pay due respect to alligators, which are common in some areas of the park. Read our alligator safety tips before you come.   Explore on foot, bike, or horseback.   We have 37 miles of trails, some of which are wheelchair-friendly.
Brazosport Birders
Brazosport Birders is an organization founded in 1977 that is based in southern Brazoria County, whose primary focus is birding and conservation of our natural resources.   Meetings are held at 7:00 PM at Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, 299 Hwy 332 West, Lake Jackson on the 4th Monday of September, November, January, March, May.   Meetings are open to the public.   Don't worry about skill levels.   We are a collection of novice to very experienced birders and naturalists.   We welcome everyone to join us.
Christmas Bird Counts
Houston Audubon is a regional nonprofit conservation, education and advocacy organization that focuses on protecting the natural environment for birds and people.   A significant part of our work is owning and managing nature sanctuaries to protect habitat for birds and provide people recreational opportunities in nature.   We were accredited as a land trust in July 2017.
Our strategic plan states "The flight and song we nurture today defines the quality of life and sense of place we share tomorrow.   Houston Audubon aims to inspire a culture of conservation and a way of life that allows us to thrive in harmony with nature.   Our vision is the creation of a healthier, more beautiful place to live by leading and nurturing a community that values and supports birds."
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
At the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, scientists, conservationists, engineers, educators, and students all work together for a common purpose: to understand birds and other wildlife, to involve the public in scientific discovery, and to use our knowledge to protect our planet. Our mission: To interpret and conserve the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.
Dow Black Skimmer Colony
Black skimmers are in a group of birds called colonial waterbirds that include species such as great blue herons, least terns, and snowy egrets. Colonial waterbirds nest in large and often mixed groups probably as a way of defending their nesting sites against predators. Black skimmers nest on sandbars, beaches, and shell banks. They need a nesting site relatively safe from predators and human disturbance. Dow provides such a site.
Duck Stamp Program
The Federal Duck Stamp is an adhesive stamp issued by the United States federal government that must be purchased prior to hunting for migratory waterfowl such as ducks and geese.   For nearly 85 years, by buying Duck Stamps, waterfowl hunters have supported the conservation of more than 5.7 million acres of strategic wetland habitat.   Ninety-eight percent of the purchase price of the stamp goes directly to buy and lease wetland habitat on national wildlife refuges.
EarthQuest is a non-profit environmental education organization, dedicated to the education of the public as to their impact on the natural world.   The concept for EarthQuest began in the Spring of 1989 as an idea to educate the general public about wildlife through the presentation of live animals in an entertaining format.
eBird began with a simple idea—that every birdwatcher has unique knowledge and experience.   Our goal is to gather this information in the form of checklists of birds, archive it, and freely share it to power new data-driven approaches to science, conservation and education.   At the same time, we develop tools that make birding more rewarding.   From being able to manage lists, photos and audio recordings, to seeing real-time maps of species distribution, to alerts that let you know when species have been seen, we strive to provide the most current and useful information to the birding community.
Eight Benefits of Bird Watching
Bird watching is a time-honored tradition that many people enjoy today. Don't worry, you don't need any special equipment to go bird watching, and you certainly don't need to travel to exotic locations. Simply sitting in your backyard and watching the birds local to your area is all it takes to engage in the hobby. If you're on the fence about whether or not you should take up this fascinating hobby here are eight benefits of bird watching that should help you make your decision.
Fly with the world’s fastest bird
When in its hunting dive, the Peregrine falcon is the fastest bird – in fact, the fastest animal – on Earth. Get a bird’s-eye view of the flight of this magnificent creature, in this video.

Galveston FeatherFest
Thousands of birds take wing to our island each spring during an arduous northward migration across the Gulf from Central and South America.   And hundreds of tourists and neighbors follow suit to see more than 200 species of brightly-colored birds strut their stuff around our hometown — a prime location along the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.   FeatherFest is a fun four days of excellent birding and nature photography workshops and adventurous field trips.
Galveston Texas Birding
Galveston Island is one of the top locations in the country for birding   It has a rich variety of habitats – beaches, wetlands, grasslands, woods, ponds, and bays – in a small area that are home to many common year-round species, as well as numerous others that visit briefly or for part of the year.
Great Texas Birding Trail - Upper Texas Coast
The Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail is a state-designated system of trails, bird sanctuaries, and nature preserves along the entire length of the Texas Gulf Coast in the United States. As the state of Texas hosts more bird species than any other in the U.S. the trail system offers some of the most unusual opportunities for bird-watching in the world. The "trail" is actually 43 separate hiking and driving trails that include 308 birding sites. The sites themselves feature a variety of viewing opportunities with boardwalks, observation decks, and other amenities. The trails boast more than 450 bird species. The trail system is managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as part of the Great Texas Wildlife Trails which also include the Heart of Texas Wildlife Trail, the Panhandle Plains Wildlife Trail, and the Prairies and Pineywoods Wildlife Trail. (Wikipedia).
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory is an independent non-profit organization with 501(c) status. We have become recognized as an innovative organization, which has designed and conducted a significant number of large conservation projects, including migration studies, habitat enhancement, land acquisition, regional habitat mapping, and others.
Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue
Gulf Coast Wildlife Rescue is a tax-exempt non-profit organization of permitted wildlife rehabilitators and volunteers dedicated to caring for injured and orphaned wildlife for the purpose of release back into the wild. The primary activity of GCWR is to provide food, shelter, medical treatment, and rehabilitation to all Texas native wildlife at no cost to the public.  We serve the Brazoria and Matagorda County areas along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.  GCWR is an all volunteer organization with no paid employees.
HawkWatch International is a non-profit organization that works to protect raptors and our shared environment through scientific research and public education.   As a non-advocacy group, we tackle the issues one at a time by looking at the latest data to balance smart development and the need for conservation.   The mission of HawkWatch International is to conserve our environment through education, long-term monitoring, and scientific research on raptors as indicators of ecosystem health.
Heard Museum
The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, in McKinney Texas, is the result of Bessie Heard’s vision for the future and her commitment to the community and North Texas. Founded in 1967, the Heard consists of a 289 acre wildlife sanctuary and a natural science museum for the primary purpose of educating children about
Houston Audubon
Houston Audubon is a regional nonprofit conservation, education and advocacy organization that focuses on protecting the natural environment for birds and people. A significant part of our work is owning and managing nature sanctuaries to protect habitat for birds and provide people recreational opportunities in nature. We were accredited as a land trust in July 2017.
How Oil Spills Affect Birds
Massive oil spills often make headlines because of their destructive impact on wildlife and the environment.   What many people don't realize, however, is that even a small amount of oil, no more than a dime-sized drop, can be deadly to birds.   Understanding how oil affects birds can raise awareness of just how hazardous any oil spill or similar pollution can be.
iBird Explorer is the first of a new breed of electronic books that reinvent how we consume reference information. It has been developed to take full advantage of the rich media, high-quality graphics, and computer processing power of the iPhone and iPod touch mobile computing platforms. With a sophisticated database-driven search engine and fast access to facts, illustrations, photos, and playable bird calls, iBird Explorer putts the equivalent of over 4,000 pages of expert birding information in your pocket.
International Bird Rescue
Since 1971, International Bird Rescue (IBR) has provided oiled wildlife collection, rehabilitation and documentation services on an assured basis for companies that transport or hold petroleum products.   The appropriate state, provincial and federal resource trustees direct these services under agreed-upon criteria.   In the U.S., the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) mandates wildlife response during oil spills and a successful response requires professional, trained wildlife responders work within an incident management team using a contingency plan based on real world experience.
Kathy Adams Clark
Thanks for visiting the website of Kathy Adams Clark and KAC Productions.   You'll find information about photography classes, photography workshops, international photo tours, stock images, and writing projects.
Kid's Guide to Bird-Watching in the Playground
Bird watching, also known as birding, is considered a hobby by some and a sport by others, but it can also be a great activity for kids. It is one of the most popular hobbies in that it embraces a large group of people of all ages. About one-fifth of the United States population is thought to be involved in bird watching, according to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. One of the reasons for the popularity of bird watching is that there are no special requirements in order to participate.
Lake Livingston State Park
At Lake Livingston State Park, you can swim, fish, boat, hike, bird, camp, picnic, mountain bike, geocache, and study nature.   We have activities for the whole family!   We offer many camping options, from tent sites with water nearby up to campsites with full hookups.   You can also rent one of ten screened shelters, some of which are ADA accessible.   Or book one of our group facilities for your next reunion.
Matagorda Bay Birdfest
Our Mission: to connect people, birds and nature; to celebrate the diversity of regional bird species as evidenced by Audubon's Christmas Bird Count; to create active involvement in science and art; and to encourage awareness and stewardship of the Matagorda Bay ecosystem.
Matagorda County Birding Nature Center
The Matagorda County Birding Nature Center (MCBNC) covers 34 beautiful acres and is located on the Colorado River in Bay City, Texas The Matagorda County Birding Nature Center covers 34 beautiful acres and is located on the Colorado River in Bay City, Texas.   MCBNC has six botanical gardens and three major ecosystems to enjoy.   We offer outdoor experiences for people with a passion for nature.   People who enjoy gardening, native plants or wildlife can follow a self-guided tour through a butterfly, hummingbird, rose, herb, cactus or palm and bamboo garden.   MCBNC has six botanical gardens and three major eco-systems to enjoy.   We offer outdoor experiences for people with a passion for nature.   People who enjoy gardening, native plants or wildlife can follow a self-guided tour through a butterfly, hummingbird, rose, herb, cactus or palm and bamboo garden.
At one time or another, everyone asks the question, "What is that bird?"   Finding the answer can be remarkably challenging.   Part of the mission of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology is to help people find that answer.   We know it is hard to figure out the name of the bird you saw when sorting through a massive field guide, using search engines, and other resources.   Merlin is designed to be a birding coach for beginning and intermediate bird watchers.  Merlin asks you the same questions that an expert birder would ask to help solve a mystery bird sighting.   Date and location are Merlin’s first and most important questions.  It takes years of experience in the field to know what species are expected at a given location and date.  Merlin shares this this knowledge with you based on more than 200 million sightings submitted to eBird from birders across the United States and Canada.
Migration Celebration
Friends of Brazoria Wildlife Refuges is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Brazoria, San Bernard, and Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuges.   FOBWR raises funding through donations, grants, and gifts. We help fund wildlife refuge projects, educational programs, and other activities.   Our goals for Migration Celebration are to educate the public on wildlife and habitat conservation; to bring awareness to the community of the local wildlife refuges; and to involve local organizations and business in bringing environmental education programs to schools.
National Audubon Society
The National Audubon Society protects birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow, throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education, and on-the-ground conservation.   Audubon's state programs, nature centers, chapters, and partners have an unparalleled wingspan that reaches millions of people each year to inform, inspire, and unite diverse communities in conservation action.
National Park Service
The National Park Service (NPS) is an agency of the United States federal government that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties with various title designations.[1] It was created on August 25, 1916, by Congress through the National Park Service Organic Act[2] and is an agency of the United States Department of the Interior. The NPS is charged with a dual role of preserving the ecological and historical integrity of the places entrusted to its management, while also making them available and accessible for public use and enjoyment.
National Wildlife Refuge Association
The National Wildlife Refuge Association's mission is to conserve America's wildlife heritage for future generations through strategic programs that protect and enhance the National Wildlife Refuge System and the landscapes beyond its boundaries.
National Wildlife Refuge System
If you travel much in the wilder sections of our country, sooner or later you are likely to meet the sign of the flying goose-the emblem of the National Wildlife Refuges.   You may meet it by the side of a road crossing miles of flat prairie in the middle West, or in the hot deserts of the Southwest.   You may meet it by some mountain lake, or as you push your boat through the winding salty creeks of a coastal marsh.   You may meet it by the side of a road crossing miles of flat prairie in the middle West, or in the hot deserts of the Southwest.   You may meet it by some mountain lake, or as you push your boat through the winding salty creeks of a coastal marsh.   Wherever you meet this sign, respect it.   It means that the land behind the sign has been dedicated by the American people to preserving, for themselves and their children, as much of our native wildlife as can be retained along with our modern civilization.
Nature Conservancy
The Nature Conservancy is tackling some of the toughest problems facing people and nature today, replicating good ideas to save many places and improve people's lives.   We are grounded by local experience and leverage our science, real-world solutions and partnerships to influence global decision-making.   Every acre we protect, every river mile restored, every species brought back from the brink, begins with you.
The Nature Conservancy owns three preserves in southern Brazoria County:
         •  Brazos Woods Preserve
         •  Nash Prairie Preserve
         •  San Bernard Woods Preserve.
New England falconry centers teach old practice based on a rare bond
Four schools have opened in New England since 1996 to teach about falconry — a form of hunting that's more than 5,000 years old.
North American Rare Bird Alert
Since 1985, NARBA has been the source for fast, accurate rare bird reports in the continental United States, Alaska and Canada. Members receive reports by email or on the web and have access to valuable archives of rare birds for the past decade.
Official Birds of the United States
If you are passionate about birdwatching, backyard birds, or just enjoy looking at pretty nature pictures and learning about the United States, this infographic about U.S. state birds is sure to please. The tradition of selecting state birds began in 1927, with Alabama, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Oregon, Texas, and Wyoming being the first to select their state birds. While many states have individual birds, the Northern Cardinal represents seven states, and the Western Meadowlark represents six states. On the state birds map, you will notice interesting trends from the Eastern coastline to the West. Have you ever spotted or heard your state’s official bird? Each one has a distinct bird song or call that can help you identify it. The biodiversity within the United States is truly marvelous and fun to study.
Pearland Parks & Recreation Department Birding
Texas hosts more species of birds that any other state in the U.S. and Brazoria County has a larger variety of bird species than any other area in North America. Join the other 85 million Americans who have discovered the joys of birding by signing up for our Birding Workshops. In these workshops, taught by our experienced instructor, you’ll learn how to identify numerous birds using field marks, bird songs, behavior, and more. Some workshops will have the opportunity go on field trips so you can practice your newly learned skills and socialize with your fellow birders.
Quintana Neotropical Bird Sanctuary
This is a small bird sanctuary, managed by the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, on the Upper Texas Coast, close to the towns of Freeport and Lake Jackson.   It is part of the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail.   In the Spring and Fall it attracts neotropical migrants.
Roaring Earth
From the wildest corners of the planet, to extraordinary encounters in our own backyard, we provide a platform and community to celebrate the wildlife enthusiast in us all.
60% of bird species came from Australia
According to a new study, all perching bird species—the majority of the world's bird population—originated in Australia.   These perching birds—called passerines—make up more than 60 percent of all birds.   There are more than 6,000 species of passerines—distinguished from other birds by the arrangement of their toes (three pointing forward and one back), which facilitates perching—including familiar birds like cardinals, warblers, jays, and sparrows.
South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center
The mission of the South Padre Island Birding & Nature Center is to educate the public about birds of South Padre Island and its environs: the flora, fauna and the natural environment of South Padre Island, the Laguna Madre Coastal area, with an emphasis on conservation and environmental awareness
10,000 Birds
Welcome to 10,000 Birds, just the place for people who love birds, pictures of birds, and people who write about birds, birding, conservation, and much more
Texas Birding Calendar
Texas has some of the best birding in the world, boasting 649 species, many of which can only be found in the Lone Star State.   So grab your binoculars, get out, and join the fun! Beginning and experienced birders alike are invited to attend the community events below and increase their life list.
Texas Birds (presentation)
Birding, enjoying the beauty of not only the colors and shapes but also the behaviors and sound of birds around us, is one of the fastest growing pastimes in North America – and Texans have a lot of birds that we can enjoy across the Lone Star State.&nsp; From the beautiful, aerobatic and feisty hummingbirds that dart back and forth around the beautiful flowers of our gardens, to the silent owls patrolling our forests and field, Texas is by far the most bird diverse state in the nation.
Texas Invasive Species Institute: Birds and Mammals
Invasive Species are non-native species of animals, plants, and pathogens whose introduction causes economic or environmental harm in their newly acquired ecosystem.   Their economic damage can cause a loss of millions of dollars.   Non-indigenous species are species that through human influence occurs outside of its native range.
Texas Mid-coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex
The thunder of 40,000 snow geese taking flight, the salty breeze off the Texas Gulf, or the sight of a 12-foot alligator loafing on a muddy bank make a trip to Texas Mid-Coast National Wildlife Refuge Complex a sensory banquet in any season.   Three national wildlife refuges form a vital complex of coastal wetlands harboring more than 300 bird species.   They serve as an end point of the Central Flyway for waterfowl in winter, and an entry point for neotropical migratory songbirds tired from a 600-mile Gulf crossing from Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.   Located just south of Houston, the refuge complex offers haven for both wildlife and people.
The Complex administers three National Wildlife Refuges in Brazoria and Matagorda Counties:
         •  Big Boggy NWR
         •  Brazoria NWR
         •  San Bernard NWR.
Top 5 Birding Sites Around Houston
The Houston area is one of the most heavily-visited birding areas in the world with people flying in from all over sometimes just to take a bird tour, get back on the plane, and head to their next destination.ding Sites Around Houston.
Travel Texas
Travel Texas' mission is to enhance and extend local economic development efforts by marketing Texas as a tourist destination in out-of-state domestic and international markets, thereby generating non-Texan travel to the state and ultimately creating revenue and jobs.   Travel Texas provides a truly integrated marketing effort.   The functions and services of each of the three interrelated program areas—advertising, public relations, and travel research/development—support Travel Texas' overall mission.
Tropical Birding Tours.
Tropical Birding offers two distinct types of photography tours: On a Photo Tour, we often concentrate on very specific targets and spend a lot of time with them, trying to get superb-quality photos. Seeing large numbers of species takes a back seat to getting awesome shots. On a Birding With A Camera Tour (BwC), we try to see lots of birds and other animals, but also spend more time photographing them than we would on a traditional birding tour.
Twelve prime places to see birds
World travelers migrate to the Texas coast for the astounding variety of birds that congregate here. Yet birding remains a mystery to many Texans.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
We are the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, charged with protecting and enhancing America's treasured fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats. We work for the perpetuation of diverse and abundant wildlife because biodiversity is essential to maintaining the health of our environment, our families, and our economy. We maintain a network of public lands totaling upwards of 150 million acres.
Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching
Birdwatching – or birding – has been a popular pastime around the world for centuries. Long have people marveled at the beauty, behavior, and mystery of the world’s many species of birds. Perhaps one of Earth’s most fascinating creatures, they are at once delicate and magnificent. If you’re interested in learning about birdwatching – or you already are an avid birder looking for more ways to connect to all the great resources out there, keep reading. Here you’ll find everything from equipment reviews and identification guides to fun lessons for kids.
What bird lets you find your bird with just a few clicks by presenting a visual interface to whatever field mark you select first.   Each step narrows the search results to help locate the bird you saw.   Try the bird search engine--it currently has over 900 birds in the database, each having a magnificent hand painted illustration, a bird call (the sounds it makes) that you can listen to and extensive species accounts.
Wilderness Birding Adventures
Based in Homer, Alaska, we specialize in crafting birding and ecotourism adventures designed for those in search of birds, wildlife, and wild places.   Specializing in remote destinations, unique experiences, and wilderness travel, Wilderness Birding Adventures (WBA) has been the company of choice for those seeking to bird Alaska with Alaskans..   With the most complete selection of birding trips offered in Alaska, we welcome novice and experienced birders alike, and are happy to assist you in finding your dream trip. .   If you enjoy observing and learning about birds, wildlife, landscapes, and fascinating places then you’ll love our trips..   From a remote base camp in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to serious birding tours on a Bering Sea island, we design and deliver impeccably organized and professionally guided trips to Alaska’s birding hotspots and to its little known hideaways.
Wings and Wetlands Festival
During this two-day event, experienced guides will lead you on field trips to Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge during peak shorebird migration, a time when thousands of shorebirds and up to 1/4 million waterfowl visit the area!   Greater prairie chicken viewing opportunities will also be available. 
Young Birder's Backyard Guide
There are between 8,700 and 10,000 different species of birds, and while all birds have wings, not all birds can fly. Birds live all over the world in all types of habitats, from the coldest to the hottest and from the wettest to the driest areas. Birds vary greatly in size, ranging from very large ostriches to the tiniest of hummingbirds. If you study birds near your home and in your backyard, you can learn about the features and behaviors of these fascinating animals.

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The Texas Master Naturalist program is coordinated by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife. Texas Master Naturalist programs serve all people without regard to socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, or national origin.