About this calendar:
The FOBWR/TMN-COT Calendar serves two organizations: Information to be added to the Events Calendar should be sent to   When submitting items for the Events Calendar, please include the following information:

Required information:

  • Full name of the event (please avoid abbreviations).
  • Location of the event: name of the venue and/or street address.
  • Date and starting time.
  • Name and contact information: Phone number and/or e-mail address of the person responsible for organizing the event.

Suggested additional information:

  • Approximate ending time.
  • Name of sponsoring organization if other than FOBWR or COT.
  • Street address of the event location.  It the event takes place at one of the well-known venues (such as the Extension office, one of the state parks, one of the wildlife refuges, SCT, or GCBO), you can omit this information.  However, if the event is at an unusual location, please provide a street address or a description of how to get there (pretend you're a new member trying to find your way there for the first time).
  • A description of the event.   You can provide as much or as little information as you wish, but please keep in mind that our chapter has many new members, so the more information the better.   If the event is an advanced-training presentation, consider including a summary or abstract of the program and a brief bio of the speaker.
  • Anything else you'd like to add that might encourage members to attend.

Credit approval (TMN-COT members only):

  • Information about credit hours: Volunteer Time?  Advanced Training?  Intern Training?
  • VMS code: the code that TMN-COT members should use to record hours.   Standard VMS codes are listed here.
  • We do not accept "by invitation only" calendar postings.   This calendar serves two organizations; each of these organizations sponsors invitation-only events exclusively for its own members.